Monday, 12 September 2016

Growth Mindset - Try It!

Hi everyone,

An important focus that we will have this year is Growth Mindset.  Growth Mindset is a philosophy where we encourage students to try new things, even if there is a risk of failing.  Today, our discussion included Famous Failures, and people who struggled to be successful.  We also discussed common, every day products that we use that were made by accident - ask your child about Post-it Notes or chocolate chip cookies!
As far as trying anything and not being afraid to take on a new challenge, check out this video with Nick Vujivic:

This video, named "The Best Motivational Video Ever", focuses on famous people and/or celebrities

Lastly, we discussed the idea of "paying it forward"... and how random acts of kindness can be enough to change a person's entire day, no matter how big or how small.

Please take a moment to watch these videos and discuss them with your child!

Some important upcoming dates:
September 13 - Multiplication quiz
September 19 - book orders due
September 19 - Multiplication quiz
September 26 - Multiplication quiz
September 27 - Class turnaround day - there is a chance that students may be moved to a new/different classroom on this day
September 27 - Meet-The-Teacher Night - 6-8pm

Have a great Monday evening!
Miss Skelton :)

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